How to use

Installing on Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

If you do not have a subscription to lightroom and only use the mobile app, please follow the instructions below to install your presets.

Downloading from a computer

1. Download the lightroom presets on your computer. You can also download it straight onto your phone – see instructions below for that.
2. Unzip the file
3. Send the unzipped .dng files to your mobile. Airdrop is usually easiest or you can use dropbox or any other method you'd like.
4. Please note: all images will show properly once uploaded in lightroom. When airdropping them to your phone they will appear as white/blank photos.

Downloading from a phone 
Please don't use this method if you're downloading the master collection as it is very large and better downloaded onto a desktop. 

1. Download the file onto your phone and unzip it. Android users will be able to do this from your phone but if you're using iphone, you'll need another app to unzip the file. I use iZip (it's free).
2. Open the file into iZip or whichever file app you're using. Click the file to unzip it.
3. Once it's unzipped, you should see a list of dng files. Save each one and follow the steps below. These will normally appear as white or blank photos.

Saving presets into Lightroom

1. Open the Lightroom app
2. Create a folder and call it what you'd like
3. Go into the created folder and tap the add photo button (bottom right hand corner)
4. Go into your camera roll and select the DNG images. They will appear as photos.
5. Tap on one of the photos
6. Along the bottom editing bar, scroll right until you see the "presets" tool. Tap the "..." in the top right hand corner and select "create preset"
7. Enter the name of the preset on the photo
8. Select the drop down "preset groups" and create a new preset group. You can name it after the pack you purchased (e.g. travel essentials). 
9. Save and repeat for the other preset photos to save in your app.